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Chris Cagle is back with brand new country music as he released his fifth studio album, Back In The Saddle, on June 26.  The new album houses 11 tracks, including hit single “Got My Country On”.  Cagle co-wrote five of the songs on this new album including “Let There Be Cowgirls”, which will be released to country radio on July 2.  Chris Cagle made an impression on country music with previous hits such as “Chicks Dig It”, “What Kind Of Gone”, “Laredo” and many more.  His momentum continues with Back In The Saddle, as he once again leaves a lasting impression with each song.

Cagle’s passion for his music rings loud and clear from start to finish on Back In The Saddle. “Got My Country On” served as the debut single from the album, and fans quickly embraced the song as soon as it hit country radio.  The single  kicks off the album ands serve as a great re-introduction to Cagle and his music.  Keeping the momentum going, “I’ll Grow My Own” is a strong track that includes just the right amount of attitude.  Cagle showcases his softer side on touching father-daughter song “Dance Baby Dance”.  “Let There Be Cowgirls” is another rockin’ tune on the album that is going to make great addition to Country Radio. “Something That Wild”, “Southern Girl” and “Thank God She Left Whiskey” all radiate Cagle’s signature sound with his strong, smooth vocals.


Officially celebrating his radio re-entry with “I Got My Country On,” Chris Cagle (Bigger Picture Group) demonstrated he is not only still in the game, it’s “game on!” Right out of the gate, the debut single (from Cagle’s fifth studio album–BACK IN THE SADDLE–set for release next week) landed comfortably in the top 15 on the Billboard Country Music charts broaching nearly 500 Million impressions, and his sophomore single, entitled “Let There Be Cowgirls, is predicted to be a “monster” follow-up single.

Anticipated to be a trademark track on the air, at the rodeo, in the arena, and with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, “Let There Be Cowgirls” (at radio July 2, 2012) is the “Amazing Grace” of rockin’ country with guitar riffs and lyrics as luminous as the scenery in a Hollywood western movie. The alternative and rebuttal to hit country songs “Mama, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys,” and “The Cowboy Rides Away,” Cagle’s citing is unmistakable–glorifying and celebrating God’s finest creation in adoration–the cowgirl. 

Co-written with Kim Tribble (Journey/Shania Twain/Martina McBride), Cagle notes the song is the result of feelings that are as natural and instinctive as they are simplistic. “This is a ‘Tah-Dah!’ song; we got lucky, it wrote itself,” Cagle said. “I’m surrounded by beauty at the ranch and ‘my cowgirls’ are part of the art; I have a genuine appreciation. ‘Cowgirls’ is already a fan favorite at our shows.”

The cut is one of five Cagle co-writes appearing on the 11-song CD BACK IN THE SADDLE (due June 26, 2012); the album is produced by Keith Stegall (Alan Jackson/Zac Brown Band) and will be available via all retail and Internet outlets.


Bigger Picture Group hit-maker Chris Cagle will officially introduce his highly anticipated fifth in-studio album entitled BACK IN THE SADDLE set for a June 26, 2012 release date. The project is 100% Cagle proof, soaked in country rock, steeped in rural living and locked and loaded with hits.

Cagle’s introductory single “Got My Country On” makes it evident his imprint on the country music format is interminable. The single rocketed into the top 15 on the Billboard Country Charts and has garnered more than 420 million impressions to date. These are just the first impressions BACK IN THE SADDLE will make on radio, satisfying Cagleheads and new fans young and old.

The self proclaimed “redneck rock ‘n roller” proudly revealed he remains serious about his music and BACK IN THE SADDLE highlights Cagle’s commitment to making music that sticks. Produced alongside ACM and CMA award winner Keith Stegall, the 11-song compilation indeed includes stories about women and whiskey, but this time with a different inference, intention and inflection. BACK IN THE SADDLE exposes and embraces reflection, resolve and a lifestyle that’s true to self. The album is his homecoming – a rekindling of his creative flame and a roaring reminder of his rock-infused country roots.  

The experience I’ve had making this record has rekindled the passion I had for music when I recorded my first record,” Cagle introduces. BACK IN THE SADDLE is MY life!  I wouldn’t change anything about it; it is a record that I can live or die by and be content.  I have given the fans my heart and soul, if it’s not good enough, I can live with it. If it is good enough, well then, I can’t wait to see what happens!”


Chris Cagle Back In The Saddle Album Cover -

Back In The Saddle is Chris Cagle’s first full-length album in 4 years, and his first release with Bigger Picture Group! It was produced by legendary producer Keith Stegall (Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson), and includes 11 brand new tracks, including the smash single “Got My Country On.”  Back In The Saddle is schedule for release on June 26.

Back In The Saddle will be available soon for pre-order from in a variety of premium packages, including Fan Club packages which will contain Meet & Greet opportunities.

Chris Cagle definitely has his country on in this new video.  Chris’s new single “Got My Country On” is available on iTunes now by clicking HERE.