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Thousands of excited fans revealed the cover for Justin Moore’s new album OFF THE BEATEN PATH, slated for release September 17. Through an interactive Checked.in campaign across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, pieces of camouflage were removed to reveal the final image each time a number of fans posted using the hashtag #OFFTHEBEATENPATH. 

Within one hour of going live, #OFFTHEBEATENPATH was trending nationally on Twitter ending with nearly 11,000 Tweets, over 5,500 Instagram photos and 10,000 Facebook impressions. Justin also gave fans a chance to win an autographed guitar!  Final results of the campaign are available at  reveal.justinmooremusic.com.

OFF THE BEATEN PATH is the follow-up album to JUSTIN MOORE (2009) & OUTLAWS LIKE ME (2011), both of which have been certified GOLD for sales exceeding 500,000 copies. The new album features Justin’s current hit “Point At You,” the fastest rising of his career, as well as duets with both Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels … and even a little shout out to Kim Kardashian.

For more information on Justin Moore visit: moorejustinmusic.com

Justin Moore ‘Off the Beaten Path’ Track List:
1. ‘Old Back in the New School’
2. ‘Lettin’ the Night Roll’
3. ‘Old Habits’ (featuring Miranda Lambert)
4. ‘Point at You’
5. ‘I’d Want It To Be Yours’
6. ‘This Kind of Town’
7. ‘Country Radio’
8. ‘That’s How I Know You Love Me’
8. ‘Off the Beaten Path’
9. ‘One Dirt Road’
10. ‘For Some Ol Redneck Reason’ (featuring Charlie Daniels)

Deluxe Tracks
1. ‘Beer’
2. ‘Big Ass Headache’
3. ‘Dirt Road Kid’
4. ‘Field Fulla Hillbillies’
5. ‘Wheels’

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